''.txt'' file reader!

Hello, is there posibility to read ‘’.txt’’ files on my Sansa Clip?

Everything is great but txt file reader is missing ;(

It is possible to store txt files on the Clip like any USB flash drive. However, the Clip is optimized to play music. It does not have a text editor.

Extended reading of the wee OLED screen would cause your head to implode.

Good thing the display times out.

I heard rumors that a few test technicians had their ears pop as the vacuum took hold, but fortunately, sansafix saved the day by grabbing the Clips away from them just in time.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Too funny!  :robottongue:

It’s realy funny.

Sansa Clip is an digital audio player. It sounds very good & there is no reason to read txt from Clip oled disp.

If you need more posibilities than you should buy some PDA