Two "Will it? questions

1.  I have several (over 20) gig of music I recorded from phono records in MP3 format.  Can I put groups of songs with playlist(s) on different microSD cards so I can switch music types and playlist(s) (Big Band, Country, Gospel) by switching SD cards?

  1. Most of the 20 gig MP3s have embedbed album art, for a Zune.  From what I’ve read on the forums, this album art will not display on the Fuze. Are there plans to have the Fuze display embedded album art in the future?

Number one is a must have, otherwise the Zune 30 is better although I don’t like the proprietary media program it requires. 

Number two is a wanna.

My embedded album art shows from both my wma and mp3 files so I assume yours will show unless Zune does something funky with their format or something. I turned my album art off though because it caused my music to skip if I was playing a song and scrolling through the list rapidly. With that much music, you might be better served with an HDD based DAP anyway. Switching out SD cards would become a pain for me.

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Yes, you can swap SD cards for your record collection.  All you need to do is power down, swap the card, and the sansa will load the new database.

On the album art issue, I’m sure that a future firmware update will address the embedded art function.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Another Question

If you are playing songs and “take a break” and display a picture, do you lose your spot in the playlist?  For instance, if I am at song 234 of a 500 song playlist and show someone a picture of a grandchild, does the music play begin at 235 or back to 1?

unfortunately, you do lose your spot =(