Two Rockbox problems - update/no AA & uninstall killed V1

I finally updated my two Fuze V1’s to the latest RB build (I was pretty far behind), and while I was at it, I deleted my old themes & got new ones (since several of mine were broken now). All went smoothly until I hit play & none of my Album Art is showing up anymore. It worked great on the older version. Also, my wps did not look like the images on the themes page. Using the DIY Contraption, I get the background, but all the info is in plain black text. I use MSC, each albums folder has it’s own .jpg named “Folder”. Like I said, worked great until updating and thishappened on BOTH players.

First thing I tried was to update the RBUtility. I then went back and re-loaded all of the themes. Now they all show the proper graphics, but only two (Black&Blue Glass and XLFuze) show any art. ArtFuze1.1 does show a blank CD case, but no art.

And as if that was not enough, I thought Hey, I’ll just uninstall RB and start fresh. Again, using the Utility (older version) I clicked on Uninstall RB and…now I have one dead player & one that will not show AA consistantly. The dead one does nothing. Nada. Tried the reset - held the on switch up for 10/30/120 secs. and no life. Letting it sit for a few days to see if it works itself out, but would welcome any advice on bringing it back.

Needless to say, help!

You might get a quicker answer at:

Thanks. I’ll try. In the mean time, anyone with an idea? It is just weird.

Updating my own problem…

The Fuze appears to have “come back”. I let it sit for a few days, thinking it may actually be on & if it runs down it may restart. It seems to have helped. Plugged it in & it came back on.

The Album Art problem does persist, though.