Two questions concering the Fuze

Hello everyone, how are you all? :slight_smile:

I have two questions concerning the player:

  1. Does it record both radio and voice in Stereo?

  2. Does the player integrate the contents of the memory card with
    the internal memory to form the directory structure or does it
    resolve the issue by putting both in separate folders?

Take care and hope to see your replies shortly. :slight_smile:

FM is recorded in stereo, and voice is recorded in mono as a single track.

The Sansa locates all of your files based upon the ID3 tags built into your files, allowing you to search by album, artist, genre, or song.  The database refresh that takes place after music transfer is when this list is generated.

All music, audiobooks, and video stored either in the internal memory or in the µSD card are accessible together.

If you use the Folder search option, the search can be limited to either memory when looking for filenames.


Thank you for your rely microsansa. :slight_smile:

It’s good to hear that it has the ability to record in
stereo and mono can be dealt with anyway.

Daft question, but does it recognise folders, eg. if I
copied over ‘Barbara Dixon - Greatest Hits’ to the player
it would recognise the folder rather than the MP3 tags?
The lack of folder recognition has put me off buying
Apple and Creative players.

Update to the latest firmware and it will have folder navigation (Folders) as an option under Music. 

Thanks for the tip BR, much appreciated. :slight_smile: