Two Q's

1- Just brought my sansa clip+ the other day, and i’m trying to add mp3’s the music folder. If I just drag&drop from a folder to the clip, it shuffles the songs(shuffle mode is off). I’m also getting a bit confused on how to add music to the clip via WMP12. While in WMP12, the songs from the folder I store my music in is not in order with WMP12.

2- When I try to put the clip in MTP mode, it won’t make the change. It just keeps saying autodetect.

Many thanks

Does the player always shuffle the tunes the same way?  If so, and if you’re playing the tunes via the database options (album, artist, track, etc.), the player isn’t shuffling the tunes but simply playing them as organized by the tunes’ ID3 tags–you may need to add/edit your tags.

You also can play by folder organization, just like on your computer–use the Folder option at the bottom of the Music listing.