Two "porst production" mp3 edit programs

OK so you’ve got your mp3’s in folders and all of that. You’re all set, right? NOT! Well I have two freeware programs just for you.

Ever notice that the different tracks have very different volumes? here’s the fix


just “Add Folder”, set what you want for the “normal” volume in db, “Album Analyze” then Modifygain/Apply track gain and two progress bars will show at the bottom of the screen: One will be each file being modified the other tracks the entire album/folder. All the files will be within about 1.5 db of your specified norm

Wnat to work on the ID3 tags to use folders as albums and make up your own Genre, which is useful since the Connect selects by Artist, Album or Gnere? then


is for you. It works in Properties, when it is running. Your Porperties dialog box will have two new tabs AudioShell tag and AudioShell tag edit

To batch-process an entire folder just select all, put your pointer on the highlighted area, righ click and select Properties/Audioshell tag edit. check the boxes next to the attribute(s) you want to work with, usually Album and Genre and they will be “live” input text areas. Enter what you want in the “live” attributes and press OK. You will see a progress bar as the tags are being written/altered After the operation, check the first and last files to be sure you have what you want

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