Two kinds of Clip+ !

I just got one of those $20 refurbished Clip+ from Amazon  as a backup for my current unit and noticed something.

The one I’m using says SanDisk on the front (under the screen) and sansa on the back (the clip) just under the flower.

The new/refurb one says sansa on the front and SanDisk way at the bottom of the clip.

They’re both 4GB, so it’s not about the capacity. Current one is black, new/refurb is purple.

Just curious–who has SanDisk on the front, and who has sansa?  Anyone know if there are any other differences?

No internal differences. They were just manufactured at differrent times is all.

Do you know which is older? 

Just Googled a bit, looks like the initial version had sansa on the front.

There were a number of production runs of the clip+. There are minor hardware differences (e.g. different radio tuners, slightly different wiring of the internal sd controller, etc. For the most part they only matter if you are doing firmware development on the device.

Not much difference on the firmware either. I’d say those two devices are virtually the same. 

The firmware is the same . . . .