Two clicks needed when going from "Albums" to "Songs"

First of all, I love my Fuze.  That being said, I found this issue:

On my Fuze (FW 01.01.11A) when I go from:

Music > Artists > Albums > Songs

It sometimes takes two clicks to get from Albums > Songs (when selecting an Album).  Sometimes it goes away, but most of the time this is the behavior and I have no problems reproducing it. 

Try turning off “Show Art in Lists”  Option in Settings.

thanks, that worked!

And why does this work? I had the same issue, it disappeared. Obviously I have had the “Show Art in Lists” on and now it s off. Is this a faiure bahaviour?

It takes time to extract the art from the mtp database file.  If you press the enter button too soon while the art is being extracted the key press can be missed.  If you wait for the art to show,  then the key is recognized.

If you disable art in lists then there is no missed key .

You’ll find the same delay issue when the Sansa is loading the next song file to be played.  If you are navigating quickly, it feels like the device has frozen, or the button isn’t working… it’s just loading the next file, resetting the counters, and loading the album art.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: