Turns on accidentally every day

I am curremtly listening to The Origins of Species. And every time I put the player away or in my small bag pocket, it somehow turns on. I think that the power button is to easy to push or something. This is a really big problem for me, because I really love the player, but this design mistake makes me want to buy another mp3 player. It always turns itself on, and starts playing the audio book. So I have too use a lot of time to seach for the place where I was at before in the book. 

My HTC mobile has a swype feuture, so it never turns itself on. Can I make my Rockboxed Clip+ turn on only by pressing 2 buttons at once? Or do you have another solution. The problem bothers me a lot, because listening to audio books is one of the highlights of my day.

The power buttons on the Clip+ are not usually that sensitve. I would guess it’s just your unit. Sorry to say, there is no way to change it, short of buying a new player or adjusting your storage habits to where the button doesn’t get accidentally pressed.

This might be a long shot but would a firmware upgrade help here by any chance?