Turning off the Fuze

Everytime I want to turn my fuze off, I have to push the power-“button” (don’t know what that thing is better called in english) twice. The first time, the display turns on, and the second time the fuze shuts down. Is this a feature or a bug? Because for my taste it would be better to be able to turn it off with one press. I don’t think there is a big chance of pushing it by accident, especially when its on the hold position. I have my fuze in an additional case, that makes it harder to push the button, so its a little annoying to have to do it twice.

As a side note: I second the need for modifying the firmware, so that other software (than SMC and Rhapsody) can create video files for the Fuze.

Thanks for this awesome product!

It’s a known issue with the new firmware.


Wow, fast answer.

So this means, in the next version it will be fixed?

EDIT: or in other words: do the firmware developer(s) recognize this as a bug?

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I Suppose they do, (it’s said in the topic, (same post as the links to the firmware))

(that sticky one)

Edit:  This is said about it, (it’s only about the refreshing, witch is an effect of holding the off switch the first time untill it shuts down)

Unexpected “Refreshing your media” message when the device is turned off by holding the power button up until device shuts down when the backlight was off.


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Ah, thanks for pointing that out to me.

Yup- got to get the backlight “lit up” before shutting down.  Otherwise you get that nice green-screen coffee-break time.