Turn Off Blue Ring

Is there a way to turn off the blue ring light?  It’s using up the battery unnecessarily.

currently there is no way, but even if your constantly messing with the clip’s buttons, battery life should be ok. you can always turn the backlight down to 5 secounds and the dim to the lowest setting.

Message Edited by thoma on 06-18-2008 04:21 PM

The brightness setting doesn’t affect the ring. The light is probably drawing more power than the player. Anyways, it would be nice to be able to turn it off to save power or if people just prefer not to have it on.

the blue ring doesn’t dim, but it will turn off whenever the backlight of the lcd does, so if you set it to 5 seconds it will turn off within that time.  the small blue led uses up WAY less energy than the LCD, so the blue light shouldn’t be of concern in regards to battery life.  sorry again, you can’t turn it completely off, if you must have it off you can simply open the device up and disconnect the blue led.

Please create some software that is able to do that. Or put it in the next update so it could be in settings. It would be NICE :wink:

and the OLED Screen when the volume buttons are pushed, we perceived the volume through ears no eyes. Here is my thread, please support it too for the next firmware update.Greetings!.