tune identification on clip


   new to the forum and   and of mature years, so be patient with me, ok. I have downloaded all my jazz numbers onto my clip it is just some of them are named with the artist and others are  just Track 01,02 ,etc . Yet when i look at the files on WM11  they show there artist name . Could you help  how to name them as i want


sorry they appear on windows explorer as named artists but just numbers  (TRACK01)  on wm11

If I’m following this, it sounds like the computer filenames use the artist names, but that the “ID3 tags” for the files/songs (artist, album, title, year, genre), which WMP and players like the Clip use to display that information and which are contained within the computer files, have not been filled in. 

You need, then, to use a tag editor like MP3Tag or The Godfather, to fill that information in.  You also can do it more manually by right clicking (on your computer) on the file, and then Properties, and Details (this is on Windows Vista; it’s similar on XP (IIRC, you then click on Advanced)), and filling the info. in. 

I hope this helps and makes sense–it’s easy to do, in the end.  A tag editor is recommended, for ease.

Note that if you rip your files yourself from a CD, many rippers will search out on the Internet and fill this info. in automatically (which you then can edit), if you choose this option–a great timesaver.