Trying to understand "pause" function

Whenever I turn on my Sandisk Clip I can see where my music is paused from the previous playing and before I shut it down. But for some reason, after I turn the unit on, after about 5-10 minutes, wherever it paused before, it goes back to zero. Is this normal? Does the pause have some kind of time limit where if play is not started it defaults to zero? This has only happened so far with about a 2 hour MP3 stream that I captured. I have not loaded any single MP3’s on it yet.

Also, I’m new to Sansa and MP3 players in general, so I must ask…If you download and run the Sansa Firmware updater and run in when the unit is plugged in, will it automatically detect what firmware upgrades I need? Also I went into “Settings” and I believe ended up in “System Info” and “Version” and I did not see any number related to the latest Clip firmware. It was like 2.0 something.

The updater should detect if there is a new firmware to update with.  Candidly, it’s just as easy to check here and to save the computer’s resources–see the firmware upgrade sticky above for what’s the latest firmware.  The 2.0 you refer to is the revision of the firmware (there is a 1 and a 2, depending on the Clip’s hardware)–the latest firmware version is listed in the thread (we’re at version 32 now–the last numbers in the revision number).