Trying to Find 2 Speakers/Docking Units for Sansa Fuze

Hi! I have 3 Sansa mp3 players in the house, 2 x fuze and 1 x view. But we have only one speaker/docking unit , the iM510. Both my kids have asked for speakers/docking unit for their fuze mp3 players but I have failed to find anything useful in the marketplace…any advice please would be gratefully received. NB Many US sites do not sell electrical goods to Europe…but if you know even a device that I could try and source, that would be a starting point…already clocked up about 5 straight evenings to sort this out for the Big Guy in the Red Hat…all help gratefully appreciated…

Tks in advance…

Of course, docks are nice–but as you know, you don’t need a dock for the Fuze to use speakers, and simply can attach the speakers to the Fuze’s headphone jack, right?

The Altec Lansing iM413 is the nicest machine for the Sansa, if you can find one.  I see them appear occasionally on Altec Lansing’s web site as “available”.

Otherwise, if you rig a dedicated USB adaptor on a desk or tabletop, with a spare Sansa cable, you can use an amplified computer speaker setwith subwoofer.  Incidentally, Altec has a few inexpensive kits with very good bass too.

The kids love to turn up the music, and a subwoofer makes a nice sound, without having to overwork a basic set of computer speakers, filling their room with sound.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Using computer speakers and finding a splitter to feed into your computer and your audio device is your best bet.  :slight_smile:

-10 year old GNT-5000 speakers still works like a charm.-  / /

What’s better than computer speakers would be a nice boom box with an auxiliary cable.  It would probably sound better than just computer speakers.  As for the dock, a wall charger works fine.

Or you can just go all out and get a complete home theater and plug your mp3 in. :slight_smile:

I drooled at the thought . . .  Now I need some paper towels.