Trouble with update on install

I absolutely cannot get this thing to install.    It will pretend it’s installed and then tell me I have to download an update and then hang up when I get to the part where it’s supposed to look for updates.     I’m very frustrated.

What “thing”? And where are you trying to “install” it?


At least on PCs and Macs, there’s nothing to install for the Clips, generally (although you could need to upgrade your copy of Windows Media Player, for certain functionality).  Easiest is to set the Clip’s USB mode, under its Settings, to MSC mode (needed for a Mac and generally works well for all computers).

If you’re talking about upgrading to and installing the latest firmware for the Clip, easiest just to manually install it–it’s available, with install instructions, at the top of this forum in one of the sticky threads at top.