Trouble with my cd drive - only with music cd's

My cd drive works perfectly, except when I put in a music cd that I want to rip to put music on my Clip.  When I put a music cd into the drive, my computer (XP) thinks it is blank.

Did I somehow change an option that would mess things up? 

Thanks for any help you can offer.

I wanted to bump this to see if I could get some help today.

You can go into Control Panel to access Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices; click on the Hardware tab to make sure Windows XP is recognizing the CD drive. It should say “this device is enabled.” You can also have it “trouble-shoot” it from here, although I’ve never had much luck with that diagnostic tool.

You could also check to see that AUTOPLAY is set to launch WMP or whatever program you’re using to play and/or rip your CD’s. (I can’t exactly remember how to do this at the moment).

Finally, make sure whatever program you’re using (WMP, Media Monky, Winamp, etc.) is “associated” with the file type (probably .CDA in the case of CD’s).

Launch the program first, then load a CD in the tray, and see if it recognizes it and starts playing.

If all this fails (and it _ has _ for me), then possibly your CD drive “driver” needs updating, or in my case the CD drive itself somtimes works and sometimes doesn’t, even though Windows says “its operating perfectly!” Yeah, a lot YOU know! :angry:

I’ve taken to just using my DVD drive to play/rip my CD’s until the time comes when I find a good deal on a new CD drive. This will probably happen right after the DVD drive goes belly-up :smileyvery-happy:. I can’t burn any CD’s this way, but I haven’t HAD to, so for now it’s working, sort of.

Good Luck!