Trouble Re-Installing (MSIHelper.dll missing??????)

So after attempting to load the new update (late to the party, i know…) I have somhow managed to make my device usless.

The update failed for me and i was unable to roll back to a previous version. My only option was to uninstall and start again.

This is where the trouble begins…

I was unable to Uninstall from Add/Remove programs . i kept recieveing an error message stating that MSIHelper.dll could not be found.

I took the initiative and removed the directorys manually, cleared my temp directory and cleared the registry of anything relating to ExpressCache.

One would assume at this point that the program is now fully removed from my system but apparently not!?!

While attempting to reinstall version (1.3.2) i still get an error message stating that MSIHelper.dll can not be found. I don’t understand this, why would it need this .DLL to do a fresh install???

I also have a old version (Can’t be certain which but i orriginally downloaded it in early 2013, i’m guessing it’s 1.2.*?) when attempting to reinstall this version it claims that i have a newer version allready installed on my system…

I am completley lost on how to fix this so any advise would be very much appriciated =]

I’m really regretting this purchase =[

Cheers in advance!

Honestly when something like that happens its some sort of windows corruption.

You might consider reinstalling windows at this point.

You can try to uninstall more thoroughly with revo uninstaller, not sure if that helps if lots is left behind.