Trouble loading next song for either reasons

What is my Sansa player trying to say me when it repeatedley get’s stuck in loading next song, is my theory…well it can work to load next a couple of times in row after you start it, cause i think i remember me busting the display with letting the song stands at 0.0.0 in a frozen state, where no buttons works, exept resett offcorse, but moore often when it silence it has simply turned off, i have evidence of thath cause i use my player at night, its enough to slumber for 33 minutes and i allways wake up and noticed thath the player is off, offcorse still fully charged, and i can simply turn it on again and it either continues in the middle of obviosly previous track or it just restart the bad shuffling playlist to really piss me off :)

No! i accually dont have any sleep ore power saving settings “ON” in it, thath im positive on!

Now i have trying both external & internal resett and then re-syncronised the playlists in mediaplayer from zero again, but problem returns even thou

hm…could it perhaps be thath it must turn of itself if it confronts a corrupted track in the playlist…is my thauth? deleted perhaps

I have v 01.01.05, have pretty previous debricked my player, and it worked good after thath to start with…but last month the player have fallen into old pattern, i doubt it will help if i go trou the hell to try re-locate STMP3600 :slight_smile:

all im convinced on is really thath the complication appears when it shall load next song, never in the middle of one

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now i busted it awake! finally

and it frozed up after track “Tentacle Disco.mp3” and i must press resett to get the player alive again, **bleep** **bleep**

if i delete this track i wonder what will happend, probably the plague will go and find another track to be the trigger,

its either my files ore the player

I continue to talk with myself then :stuck_out_tongue:

As i suspected another track took the corruption-trigger-role after deleting previous post track example, interesting thath the first track on startup even frozed up this time

its completely **bleep**ed up now

Perhaps it can’t accept thath my files are in wmv? if it dont like the converter i have used to make wmv out of Mp3 to minimize the size

or is it just the player who are in need of again

…or if it i just i who need of a new and different Mp3 player

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