Trouble getting system to reconize M240 player

When I go to sync using WMP it can not find the divece.

When I use explorer I get an error unable to access device.

Running WMP 11, HP dual core running XP

Any help appreciated

I’m having the same problem with my m240!   I’ve tried different USB ports on my computer, and two different cables.  Also tried accessing via Realplayer and Windows Explorer.  It doesn’t recognize the device.  I’ve loaded songs on deleted them from the player many times.  All of a sudden, it doesn’t work!  What gives? 

I have the same problem with my M250.  I have tried switching the USB settings from Auto Detect to MSC but it doesn’t help.  And I contacted tech support by email but got no help.  This product SUCKS and so does San Disk’s tech support.  If you find out how to fix this problem, let me know.