Trouble connecting to computer....

I have my express plugged into my usb port. What it is doing is poping a screen up saying what do you want windows to do with the device (it is recognizing it as a portable device) but a second after it pops up it just disapears. It will do this over and over.

i can be wrong, but I believe that is because your mp3 player doesn’t have enough battery. Try leaving it in for awhile first(30min-1hr), then take out and plug back in.

well the thing is that it doesnt look like its charging or anything. I plug it in, it flashes for a second on the mp3 player that its charging then goes off and does this over and over. When I take it out of the computer it turns on and everything. Could it be the mp3 player? I just bought it have not been able to connect it to my computer.

Are you using XP?

There’s been some issues like this on XP systems. Search the forum (the Express one) to find the thread.

Try this…