Triplicated all songs and folders

Somehow my girlsfriends Clip made a 3 some out of every song and folder.  its been erasing songs and then she reloads and now this.  So, i downloaded the updater and installed new firmware and formatted.  we’ll see what happens next.  

We should not have to reload firmware or troubleshoot these devices.  they should work flawlessly.  i understand its an electrical device and blah blah.  but i dont have probs with any other usb memory device.  and thats all this is.  best buy customer service says they dont see the troubles with the “ipod” like they do the sansa devices. one more failure and im off to ipod. 

I’m really starting  to dislike any sansa device.  see my next post in the Fuse forum.  it wont be as nice.  

devices working flawlessly, i dont think you will ever see that. if you think ipod is without flaws just take a look at any iopd forum. take a look at the new iphone 4 and signal issues. any device you get you may see little glitches every now and then.

firmware updates come out for a reason and yes it is completely acceptable that you may from time to time need to update your device. firmware updates include feature enhancements and bug fixes so i so no reason you would be so hell bent on never updating a device.

that being said it sounds like the FAT table somehow because corrupt. formatting and reloading should resolve that no problem. 

yeah.  flawlessly may be the wrong term.  but im still looking for a firmware update on my sandisk 8gb sd card.  cant find it.  

every device has trouble from time to time.  read the post in the Fuse forum.  my devices have trouble all the time.  

she is loading songs right this second so we’ll know in the next couple days how this turns out…at least in the short term.   

the only thing i’m hell bent on, as you put it, is taking another mp3 player back to the store or worse, buying another one.  AND reloading 1000 songs.  u understand my point i’m sure.  

thanks for your feedback.  

How are the songs being loaded? If there is no protected music, then set the USB mode on the player to MSC, then use Windows Explorer to copy and paste folders of songs to the player. Many people run into problems when they sync their player. I never sync my players.

Describe how and what (as in what media manager is being used) she’s using to transfer the songs.  The media manager may not be compatible with the clip in some way, or a change in settings is needed.

As for updates on a Sandisk sd card, there aren’t any (as far as I know).

firmware updates are not available for memory cards. any particular reason why you would need a firmware update for a card?