My last barrage of benches on the Extreme is done:

So you’re saying TRIM is actually working, but slower with the firmware R201 based on 5.0.1 ?

I want to try RSTE 3.2.0, but for my mobo, Gigabyte only has the 3.1.0 driver listed. Should I wait for them to publish a 3.2.0, or can I just go hunting for any RSTE 3.2.0 driver? Using Gigabyte g1.assassin2 mobo, x79, btw.

@ kensiko:

TRIM works, this is obvious from the benchmarks.  It is just not as optimized as it can be, but this is LSI’s fault, not SanDisk’s.  With the new upcoming LSI firmware things should improve I hope!  Looking forward to SanDisk releasing it.

@ Hypereia

You can try any driver you want, for as long as you have a recent full backup of your Windows disk/partition, plus a boot disc or bootable USB stick that allows you to boot into your backup application if Windows cannot boot; this will allow you to restore your backup outside of Windows.

Snapshot software also helps for super-quick restores.  I’m testing drivers and other software all the time, and when it all goes to hell I just restore my main Rollback RX snapshot and the problems are undone in seconds, with just a reboot.  Rollback RX is a lifesaver for software testing.  No need to uninstalll stuff anymore, you restore a previous snapshot and any changes that have happened in the meantime are instantly undone. It can also undo system crashes, so it is invaluable for overclocking.

In the rare cases that a program screws up the boot sector and Rollback RX doesn’t work, I then boot into Acronis True Image from its bootable USB stick, restore my full backup, and in a few minutes my Windows is back as it was before.

I did a mini test of RSTe driver v3.5.0.1101 today (it shows as v3.5.0.1092 in Device Manager):

This one is so far the best performing driver on my Asus P9X79 PRO mobo (and it is not the one recommended by Asus; on the Asus webpage for my mobo they still list v3.2.0.1126 as the latest).

Thanks for the test.

In that case, I’m not in a hurry to get the new firmware, my computer got plenty of idle time.