Trick - Until faster scrolling trough Songs is possible...

First, I’m from Switzerland, so please excuse my English writing :wink:

I like my Fuze, but he has one BIIIG fault. YOu cant scroll fast like on a ipod where it starts to scroll between A,B,C…

So I need to Scroll for minutes if i wanna hear SOng nummber 2000 :manmad:

But I had an Idea! Here’s a short Manual :slight_smile:

!!!: If you wanna use the original Album Names or Genres in Future, you shoud have the original Song files saved on your hard disc :wink:

  1. Connect your Sansa to the PC

  2. Drag all Music Files (and folders) into this Programm: (you can choose English and many other Languages)

  3. Sort all Song names by their first letter. Just klick on “Titel”

  4. Select all Songs which begin with an “A” . You can do this quickli by selecting the frist “A” Song, then pressing and hold! the “ctrl” button and then scroll down with the “down arrow”. (I think you know that but I write it just in case).

  5. On the Left side you type in the little box “Album” or “Genre” an “A”. You should logically choose the one you don’t use.

  6. klick Save

  7. repeat this with every letter

Now you have 24 Albums or Genres (or 25 when you make an extra Album/Genre called"1other1" for Songs that dont start with e letter)

And you can scroll much more quicker oder in better words, more precicly through your Songs :slight_smile:

enjoy your saved time :wink:

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PS if you wanna use the original ALbum Names in FUter, you shoud have the original SOng files saved on your hard disc :wink:

…just in case :smiley:

That would be a great idea of I didn’t actually use albums on my player.  However, I only transfer complete albums to my player, so this wouldn’t work for me. 

I’m with Bob - I primarily use genre and album tags.

A lot of people don’t use genre, though - this could be a good use of that tag. I’d be a little leery about advising people to overwrite their album tag.

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Yeah sure its for peaple who do not use album names…like me.

Sure you can also do this with the genre!

This is why I advice people to have a backup of the original files on their hds. Probably I shoud write this at the begin.

Ill make an edit

I have a script for mp3tag which will automate your process.  I posted it a few weeks ago.  Let me see if I can find it.  Be right back…

I’m back.  Here is the link.


thats nice :smiley:

now I have title2genre or titel2album. :smileyvery-happy:

I probably run my music differently than most people. I edit all the tracks in an album because I don’t like hunting around for indiv songs, I like listening to an album complete.

I re-fade the tracks to about 3 - 3.5 secs at the end of the track (Hate long loop over track ends and long fade outs , they add nothing to the music). (Auda city Software - Free)

adjust the volume on each track to 96-97Db (MP3 gain software - Free)

Set the MP3 Tags with just the artist, title tags etc (Mp3 Tag -Free)

The I wrap all the tracks in album order using a piece of software called (Albumwrap - Shareware $15.00 fee one time) works great

Then I take that wrapped file and copy it to a DVD data disc or archive it(I don’t burn CD’s anymore)

I then rename the file on the PC to Los Lonley Boys Forgiven.mp3

I then bulk convert all the albums to a wma 80KB file using DB Power Amp)

Then I change the WMA file tag using MP3 Tag software using tghe following tags as an example

Title: Los Lonley Boys - Forgiven ( If you put the artist in the file name you will know what it is if you do a file search on youyr player)

Tile:  Los Lonely Boys - Forgiven

Artist: Los Lonely boys

Album: Forgiven

Genre: Rock-Roots

Now heres the easy part. Create a folder on my PC by genre that I want to add to my player and copy those files to a that genre Folder example - Rock-Roots

Once those copy over, and I have all the CD’s I want to have on my player in that genre

Then I just copy that  folder to the fuze, I put that folder in the music folder, helps refresh the data base quicker.

I manage my music on the player by Genre, easier than creating a playlist

I have 1700 Complete CD’s done this way to play on my MP3 players ( I have 4 different ones) , also keep a copy of that WMA file on my PC. so if I want to play it on my PC I just go to a folder on my desktop, and the album click on it and it plays. Seeing all the files are sorted by Artist first and album title I can see the file e.g. Los Lonely Boys - Forgiven.MP3

This all sounds very complicated and time consuming but its really not, just a manufacturing process. Have been doing this for 4 years and it works super. I do a lot more than that to mange my music. but those are the highlights, LOL

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