transfuring my 3cd mp3 set of the Bible onto my sansa View

I know very little about any mp3 but I really wanted to have one to listen to a narrated book.  I have called Sansa, they promptly sent me step by step directions and still no avail.  I have got to the point where I ripped the cd’s made a playlist and synced them but then instead of showing they were transferred to the sansa every chapter i ripped when i synced it just had ‘error’ on each chapter of the book i was trying to transfer from…  What I bought was from Hendrickson Bibles, it says its in easy to use MP3 format, so why or what am I doing wrong?  I was on the phone with sansa support for a lengthy time and the tech had me do everything he could think of but no help.  I REALLY NEED  HELP !!!  -  quickly, I’m 65 and don’t have alot of time lol… thanks ya’ll  :))

The thing I would say to try, is this (Its how my audio Bible is loaded on an SD card for my Fuze) Rip the files and seperate them into folders by book (Matthew Mark etc.), then use Mp3Tag to set the album title to the name of the book ( So Chapters from Matthew see the album name as Matthew). Then Load them back to the player and go to the Album list and you can choose the book you want to listen to.