Transferring Windows Files

I’ve read the threads and manual but can’t solve the following problem:

I use the voice recorder to record accoustic guitar performances. I transfer the recording into mp3 format on my computer’s hard drive. When I copy and paste the mp3 files back to the Fuze, it usually shows up in an “unknown file” (if it shows up at all). Same goes for other analog recordings I transfer to mp3 on the on the computer then try and copy and paste onto the Fuze. Oftentimes the recording shows up three or four times. Why can’t I name a song as a file in windows and transfer it to the Fuze without using WMP or some other digital labeling format? I could do this no problem with my former Creative MP player. I just copied and pasted a windows file directly onto the player and whatever name I gave it on Windows showed up exactly the same and where I wanted it on the Creative without having to go through some other kind of application. Sorry if this question has already been answered but I can’t find it.

You’re going to have to use a program like MP3TAG (free) to create an ID3 tag for your newly converted mp3 recordings. By default Sansa players only read the ID3 tags of sound files; otherwise it gets booted in the the ‘Unknown’ category.

If you have updated the firmware on your Fuze, you can browse by folders/files, but you have to get there through the Music menu. It’s quite a ways down the list of options.

Many thanks for your quick reply which makes things clear. The MP3 tag option is a bit of a pain in view of the many analog recording snippets I am converting and transferring to the device, then deleting all the time (I’m a guitar teacher and player). The “voice” option on the Fuze is very good but it seems they didn’t think through the entire process of what it can be used for.

I’ll probably buy something else but the sales people always promise you the product you are purchasing fits the bill when in reality, they don’t have a clue! I’m not sure Creative still makes these players, but if they do, I guess I’ll have to go that route due to the easier file identification process.

It’s probably easier to update the firmware than to do the exchange at Xmastime. And the Fuze DOES have the function you need once you update it. 

Update the Fuze firmware from the Firmware Update sticky note near the top of the first forum page. Don’t install the Sansa Updater–just do it manually:  download the firmware, unzip it and put the .bin file onto the Fuze main drive. Then you will have the same kind of file browsing you want, as the last option in Music (after Artist, Album, etc.) under Folders. 

I know you don’t love the idea of using another application, but mp3tag does have a nice function that will convert your filenames to tags.  If your filenames are consistent, like Shred.mp3 or Barre.mp3, that function will place Shred or Barre into the Title field so you could also find them under Song. It only takes a fraction of a second per file. But you don’t even need to do that if you just update the firmware.

Thanks for the info. Sounds like rocket science to me but I’ll give it a try. Happy holidays!

It’s harder to explain than to do. Find your firmware version (2.x or 1.x), grab it from the sticky, unzip it and put it on the Fuze. When you unplug and it reboots, you’ll have Folders.