Transferring to PC

I did fine transferring from my PC to Clip.  Now I want to transfer from Clip to a different PC for travel.  Have the manual, don’t see this clearly addressed.  Someone help granny out!

Very easy to do: 

Just connect the Clip to your PC (the computer where you want to transfer your music/files to); open up the folder on your PC where you want the music/files to appear (or you simply can put the music/files onto your desktop–no need to open up a folder, then); open up the Clip on your PC (respond to your PC’s window prompt, or go to My Computer on your PC and double-click on the Clip icon or drive that should be listed there) and navigate to the folder holding the music/files you want to transfer; and then simply drag and drop the music/files you want to transfer, from your Clip folder to the PC’s folder (or desktop) (or you can cut and paste the files:  select/highlight them on your Clip, press ctrl + c, navigate to the PC folder or desktop, and press ctrl + v).

Hope this does it!