Transferring recordings when Fuze charging devise is not working/malfunctioning.


If all other options to charge devise fail, and perhaps it is a malfunctioning circuitry issue, is there any way to retrieve valuable voice recordings to transfer to computer? I had my class lectures on there, and can no longer access due to charging malfunction. I have been reading the other possibilities for fixing the charge (charge off different computer, use ac adapter, replace battery.)

By the way, where do you go to have battery replaced and does that void warranties, because it looks like you’ll have to pull sansa apart. Also, is there a way to fix the circuitry? thanks

there are a lot of company who offers data recovery for any flash devices.  one of them is lc-technology (  Before you contact them make sure that you make sandisk aware that you will be sending the player for data recovery so you may still be able to avail the warranty.

You can also try to check website for free file recovery or you can try PC Inspector. :wink: