Transferring from an old Clip to a new one

My old Clip is about to bite the dust—and I’m in the middle of a downloaded book and have 2 more stored on it. Can I transfer the data from one to the other, and if so, how ? Thanks!


Simply connect both Clips to your computer, open a window for each, and drag and drop your content files between the 2 windows.  Or, connect the old Clip alone to the computer, copy the content files to your computer, disconnect, connect the new Clip to the computer, and transfer the content files to the new Clip.


Ah, an addition:  are the books DRM-protected?  If so, you may need to use Windows Media Player under the Clip’s MTP mode to transfer the books and their related licenses; Audible software for Audible books; or other software that you originally used to transfer the books to your Clip.  But it should be possible to transfer the books and their related licenses (unless there is some sort of restriction associated with the files against that).