Transferring CDs to Clip Zip

I am completely new to the whole portable device thing. I just got a Sansa clip and want to rip CDs with album info to listen on it. The easyist way I have found is to do it in Windows 7, Windows Media Player does the ripping and finds the album info. I then copy the directory onto my external Sansa card and I am good to go.

I am using WMA w/ VBR at a pretty large value, not the highest, but second highest quality level. Is this “good enough”?

I have also loaded the MP3 Lame Encoder in EAC, but no album info comes out, I get the basic thing (Track01, etc). If I slide these files into Windows Media Player, it does not add in the album info. Even if it did, I don’t know how to get that transferred over to my Sansa.

So, is there a good way to take this EAC output, put album info on it, and load to my Sansa without much hassle?

You have to set EAC to write ID3 tags. It’s in the settings.