transfering playlists from itunes to wmp????

i am by no means a ‘techie’. i finally gave in a purchased a fuze to use during my workouts. of course, i can’t figure out how to use the ****** thing!!!  all i want to do is get the playlists my husband created in itunes into the windows media player.  i have not seen any posts about that specific topic.  any help is greatly appreciated.

As far as I know they don’t use the same playlist format.  

I’ve never used iTunes (and don’t ever plan to) so I’m not sure how the playlists work for it.  When saving a playlist, do you get to choose the file type (can you pick from different types of playlist formats?)

I found this which you might find helpful:

"[…] The problem is, due to iTunes’ inability to save its playlist in anything but a cryptic XML or text format, it cannot be imported into any other player. I have now chanced upon a simple method to do that.

Open your intended target player (e.g. Winamp). Select all the songs in iTunes that you want to add to target player’s playlist (press Ctrl+A after clicking on any song entry in iTunes, to select all the songs). Now left click on any of the selected song in iTune and drag (while keeping your mouse button still pressed) to the playlist of the target player. Now all these songs have been added there!"


So give that a try.