Transfering Movies

Whenever I try to transfer a movie to my player, it always results in a blue screen on the PC. It always says that there was an error and tells me to restart. Any advice?


Make sure quick time is installed on your compuer, I think there is a way to check within Sansa Media Converter to check which file types are supported I would also suggest to check the properties of your movie and make sure the file type is supported by the Sansa Media Converter. If nothing work, try uninstal and reinstal the software.  Let me know if this help

Hello Wings0fWar,

In addition to BiggT’s post, you can also try to manually transfer the file to the player.  This is done by using Sansa Media Converter and hitting Convert without the player connected.  This will cause the video/picture to goto the My Documents > Sansa Media Converter folder, and from within that you can copy/paste/drag the files from that folder to the player.

What version of Windows are you running?

If you’re getting the BSOD, that sounds more like something Windows 98 or something around there would do.  Those earlier versions don’t work with the converter.