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I just bought a sansa connect from dell.  I can not save any audio files from my hard drive to the Sansa.  I did not get a software CD.  I am trying to get a hold of one from Dell.  I already downloaded the software for conversion of pics and viedo but how do I use it for audio?

You do not need software or special drivers to use the Sansa Connect.  You need a computer running XP or Vista, and an up to date copy of Windows Media Palyer 11.  WMP11 includes a driver, “MTP”, which communicates with the Connect.  From WMP, you can transfer music on your computer to the Connect, rip CD music to your computer, and organize your library.  If you decide to sign up for subscription music services from Yahoo, you’ll need to download (free) a copy of Yahoo Music Jukebox from the Yahoo music site.

Make sure you have the latest version of WMP11, as early versions had MTP bugs.  Also, if your Connect has been put to sleep, do a shutdown and restart before connecting your USB cable.

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GnisiBrianJ25us’s advice is perfect from my own experience.  I find the machine itself to be a little buggy now and then when transferring files via Windows Explorer.  So unplug the machine from the computer, reset the machine by holding down the power button for ten seconds, wait a couple of seconds, turn the machine back on, let the machine go through its boot-up, and then plug it back in.  If you are using the proper OS/WMP on your computer, you should be fine for file transferring.

Wish MS’s Zune were as easy to use in Explorer.  The registry hacks and workarounds are almost not worth the bother.


The new packaging for the Connect did not include the Cd since it was out of date.

The new User Manual, FAQs and utilities are posted at

The FAQs are very insightful and can jump start your experience with the Sansa Connect.

The Yahoo! Music Jukebox application and manuals can be downloaded at

Ok, I got that far.  Now lets say that I have music saved on my hard drive and want to transfer them to Connect using WMP.  Do I save a playlist then transfer to Connect?  I am not too sure.  I also have to wait for my daughter to bring it back too me.  I do know how to get around so I am frustrated that it is taking me so long to figure this out.

 But thanks for you help so far.

You can create playlists or just drag the songs or albums to the Connect.

There are some ‘How to Videos’ on the site that I posted. These include demos of how to use WMP with mp3 players.

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