Transfer whatsapp photos and videos to sandisk ixpand

I have been trying to transfer photos and videos which were sent by whatsapp to sandisk ixpand flash drive but have been unable to do this, anyone know of any way in which I can transfer from whatsapp?

Have you saved/transferred the photos/videos to your camera roll prior to trying to transfer them to the iXpand?


First you have to save the photos/ videos from whatsapp to your camera roll. then you may transfer it to the ixpand drive. I don’t think there is a shortcut for that.

Have you tried using the iOS share extension?

Insert the iXpand Drive. 

Go to Whatsapp

Select the media files from the group chat / individual chat section

Press the “up arrow” button and this will bring up the native share options (with facebook, twitter, email etc.)

In this list, you should also find the iXpand Drive app. Select iXpand and then save. 

See more here.

I think this is the iXpand USb 2.0 which uses iXpand Sync for the app. I dont think iXpand Sync supports the share extension. 

Whatsapp doesn’t have iXpand option to copy to.

Many people wonder how they can use someone’s WhatsApp in their mobile via Android. You can do it by following these steps, so just read them carefully. As the initial step make sure your friend has WhatsApp on their phone so you could open it. You will see that the iPhone’s Settings option is in the bottom-right corner of the screen, and on Android, it is in the top-right corner. In case WhatsApp unlocks to a chat, you are supposed to press the “Back” button and press WhatsApp Web/Desktop. If you have Android, then you’ll click WhatsApp Web.

As the fourth step just open the WhatsApp Web website on your PC, where you’ll see a black-and-white box, this is a QR code, which you can scan by utilizing your phone’s camera. As second last step you can point your friend’s phone’s camera at the QR code, so the phone’s screen is on your side, while the camera should be opposite the QR code on your PC. At the end wait for some time till the code scans. For further info about WhatsApp tap it. If you see that the camera doesn’t recognize the QR code then you can move your friend’s phone nearer to the screen. The time when you see that the QR code is scanned, the WhatsApp Web app will start; this is a program that permits you to see your friend’s WhatsApp messages on your PC.

To transfer WhatsApp photos and videos to sandisk,you can use Email.

 And WhatsApp provide users with the chats backup function in its app directly.

you can use this simple one-click

Iskysoft app

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