Transfer speed

I’m in the process of transferring over 13GB of music to my 16GB external card. I have my 16GB card in the fuze, the fuze connected to my computer via USB 2.0. However, the I’m only getting a write speed of about 3.0MB/s. This is much slower than if I write to the card itself using a card reader/writer. Is this normal or is my fuze defective? I have confirmed it is connected to the USB 2.0 bus. What are some normal write speeds you guys are seeing when writing to the fuze’s external card slot?

Is it connected through a hub? Some hubs only operate at USB 1.1 speed, even if connected to a USB 2.0 port.

The transfer speed varies for me. It is usually pretty quick. I run USB 2.0 as well. Things to remember, everything you have running robs processor power, and slowing things down, close what you dont have to have open and that should help some.

I am 100% sure it is connected via EHCI. I have it plugged directly into my computer. Also, nothing else running the background. Just the OS processes, firefox, and the transfer (still going). No virus scanners or anything related.

What transfer speeds should I expect / what do you guys see?

It is taking me just over an hour (maybe 1.25 hours) to transfer 2380 songs = 13GB to my external card through the Fuze via MSC. Is this longer than normal? The only reason I ask is the transfer is much much faster if I write directly to the card bypassing the Fuze using a card reader/writer. All I’m asking is whether this is normal or not and if not, what transfer speeds should I be seeing?

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

On my laptop that seems normal, 1.25 hours seems normal especially with firefox running (its suprisingly large). My desktop might be faster but I dont use my fuze with it.

I found that writing the card with a card reader is much faster than using the fuze. I didn’t time it exactly, but its at least twice as fast. It doesn’t just have to do with the card class and usb version, but also with the device used for reading/writing.

The speed also depends on the USB mode.   MTP transfers are slower than MSC transfers.

The only 16 GB microSDHC cards i have seen so far are class 2.   Write speeds alittle over 2 MB per second.    if you are estimating the speed of the transfer how are you doing it?    try taking a large file,  say 50 - 100 megs or so,   transfer it to the card and use a timing source with tseconds and measure how fast it was.   do this while its in the Fuze and repeat the test when its plugged into the computer. 

3 M/s maybe a resonable write speed for a class 2.   

Reading speeds from the card will be faster of course.