Transfer sd card from express to clip+

i own a sansa express that i am very pleased with…and have an 8gb sdhc card in it

i recently purchased a clip+ 8gb and put the sd card from my express into it

the clip+ recognized the card, but apparently can’t read the files

folders appear when reviewing in windows explorer, but have gibberish for folder names and file names

i can transfer the files from my express to the clip+, but i thought the clip+ should have been able to recognize the files and folders on the card without any conversion or transfer

any suggestions?

What kind of files are they?

If you used Windows Media Player and its default settings to transfer them on the Express, good old WMP may have  “protected” them–which means it put in digital-rights information to prevent you from using them on another player. When you transfer them from the Express, it knows you still have the original files. When you just move the card, it thinks you are stealing them. 

Look at the filetype, which means (on XP, Vista slightly different) you need to go to My Computer, Tools/Folder Options/View and un-check “Hide file extensions for known file types.”

.wma? Bet they are protected. Change the default settings in Windows Media Player under Rip Music to mp3, and convert the music again. Or send it over with the Express connected. 

The files on the card were probably transfered to the card in MTP mode. Delete the files on the card(while the card is in your old player), and transfer the files to the card again from the pc. Do this by either putting the card in the PC’s card slot or by putting the empty card in the Clip+. I hope your Clip+ is set to MSC mode, unless you need to have it in mtp mode due to the use of protected files. MTP mode puts restrictions on your use of the card and files and should be avoided unless you have no choice. I had an SDHC card which wasn’t recognized in my pc card slot. I could not format it or anything. I was almost ready to throw it out but then remembered I transfered some mp3 songs to it in my Fuze while my Fuze was in mtp mode. I set my Fuze to mtp mode, put the card in my Fuze, connected the Fuze to my pc, then was able to delete the files on the card. I quickly set my Fuze back to msc after that. The card was then recognized by my pc when put in its card slot. If my Fuze had been broken or lost, I would have probably never gotten the card to work again. This seems unfair. I should have at least been able to format the card in my pc, but in the pc card slot the card with  mtp files on it couldn’t even be formatted. Ever since this happened, I really hate MTP.

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But JK98, don’t you feel much more “protected”?


“But JK98, don’t you feel much more “protected”?”

LOL! I could understand having files on a card transfered in mtp not readable by a pc(even the same pc they were transfered from)but a provision should be made to allow the card to be reformatted and reused. Having a card become unusable if the player it was in breaks really stinks! Imagine those who buy a 32 GB SDHC card or a 16 GB micro SDHC card. Those cards could be $50-100 or so.