Transfer music to external memory card

I have a 2 gig Fuze. I got a San Disk 2 MB external card so I can put some different playlists on it. When I put the card into my Fuze and try to transfer songs onto it or make a playlist, Windows Media (11) says that the I don’t have access to transfer the card.  I ended up having to place the music on the card through another device and putting the card in the Fuze.  When I did this, all my songs are on the new card, but nothing is organized and Windows media eon’t let me b/c I don’t have access. I forget the exact language b/c I don’t have it in front of me, but has anyone experienced this?? Am I not using the external card properly??

 I just want to be able to create playlists on the external card for easy playback.

Format the card to clear it of data, then you should be able to write to the card.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: