transfer from SD to internal

Hi!  I bought a Fuze for a friend, not realizing that her computer runs Windows NT.  She cannot use it to transfer songs.  I am also unable to get my XP machine to recognize it, after trying all of the posted suggestions on the internet (there may be some damage to the port due to a mistaken attempt to connect an iPod cable).

Is there any way to use the Fuze to transfer files from the SD/SDHC card to its own internal memory?  I can load songs onto the card so that she can listen to some music, but the internal 4 GB of space is going to be wasted if I can’t repair/replace the unit or find a way to transfer files.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Have you tried MSC mode?

If the port has been damaged … does it at least still charge?

The Fuze doesn’t provide any capability for copying songs between the internal memory and the expansion card.

I will try the two modes again – I know I tried one mode manually, and tried autodetect, but I can’t remember which mode I selected manually.

It does seem to charge properly.  I worry about the connection because when I jiggle the connector, I sometimes get the double-chime of a new device being plugged into the computer, followed by another double-chime to indicate that it has been disconnected.

I may purchase a second unit for myself, and try swapping units/cables to determine which combinations don’t work.

Thanks for the reply!