transfer files to computer

I have had no difficulties placing files on my device from my computer. However I’d like to back up what I have onto an external hard drive of my computer. I’d like to do this by dumping everything to Windows Media, doing a back-up, then reinstalling back to the Fuze after making some genre and other edits. Having not found an answer as to whether this is possible or how to do it in the site searching I’ve done so far, I’m taking an easier path and asking the community for help. Thanks:smiley:

Why would you want to use WMP (Worst Media Player) to back-up your music onto another hard drive? Just highlight the folders/files you want to back-up (Heck, It can be your entire My Music folder or Fuze library for that matter), go up to your menu bar in Windows Explorer, click EDIT, select Copy To… and navigate to your external hard drive. You can evrn create a new folder here if you need, or want to. Click OK, and go eat your dinner. Done!

Don’t make such a simple task overly complicated.  :wink: