Transfer everything intact from 4gb SD to new 8gb SD

I have a 2gb clip + with a 4gb sd which is now nearly full.

What I want to do is transfer everything,from the 4gb card, maintaining playlists and folder structure onto a new 8gb card and thus have about 4gb of new space… and hopefully not run into any odd surprises when the transfer is done?

My guess is that I should just put the 4gb card with adaptor into the pc ,… put the new 8gb card into the clip,locate the 4gb card and then ‘‘copy to’’…

Is it that simple?.. or will I lose playlists this way?

If this has already been discussed,… please just refer me to the topic.

With thanks,… from the 19th century,… Gauguin . :wink:

You guess correctly and yes, it is that simple. :smiley:

My thanks for your quick response Tapeworm !