Transfer content from Fuse onto Real Player in new computer

Got a new computer (Vista based).  I use Real Player vs. Windows Media Player.  Anyone know how I can transfer the content from my 8 GB Fuse into MY Library on Real Player?  Would appreciate any help.  Thanks.

What kind of files are they? .wma? .mp3? videos?

Some files transferred from WMP may be “protected” to prevent you from moving them around. WMP wants to prevent you from taking someone else’s Fuze full of music and transferring its goodies to your computer. 

However, you might as well try to just copy them over. Put the unit in MTP mode, connect it, turn off WMP if it opens. Click on the unit in My Computer or Computer  and keep clicking inside it to explore it. Sooner or later you should find your files. Copy them to your computer, maybe all in one folder called “FromFuze” or something.

Then Realplayer probably has some kind of function to explore your entire computer and Import all the media files. (It probably asked to do that when you installed it.) Just look in its File or Tools or Preferences menus, or check its Help file for Import.