Transcoding to MP3 from FLAC and APE

I have over 500 CDs ripped in FLAC or APE format for audio-streaming into hi-fi equipment.  I tried to transcode few of them to MP3 for use with Sansa Express. Software I used was CDex ver 1.7. 

In the CDex ‘Setting’ I selected:

 ‘Lame MP3 Encoder (version 1.32, engine 3.97 Beta 2 MMX’

ID3 Tag Vesion: ID3-V1 & ID3-V2


Problem is that when playing the transcoded MP3 files in Sansa Express, album and track details get messed up. Sometime it track name shown is the same as the file name.  And sometimes Express show ‘Unknown Album’, ‘Unknown Artist’, ‘Unknown Genere’ .


All is well if I rip the CD again in MP3.  But I would like to avoid this, cos it takes about 15 minutes per CD.

Can anyone advice? Any other rippers/transcoders out there that is best with Sansa Express?



I suspect it’s not a transcoding problem but a Tag problem. I don’t have much experience with tagging and re-tagging but there are free programs out there which you could use to mass re-tag your mp3’s/FLACs. It should take a lot less time then ripping your CD’s againg. Experiment with a few files to see which tag format works best.

Many thanks Peyotero for the tip. Do you know the names of any progams that can mass re-tag?

Also, are there any programs out there that can mass transcode FLAC/APE to MP3 ?

Will be cool if there are any that can really do this!   :manvery-happy:


I dunno I never did it. Try this one
There’s a whole bunch of them here

As for transcoder there’s a lot of them aswell. Maybe this one
Foobar2000 has a built in transcoder in it too. If you are familier with this player.

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I’ve always liked MP3Tag.  And if you use Foobar, make sure you turn on the “compatibility” mode for ID3 tags, otherwise it uses ID3v2.4, whereas most MP3 players and media programs have pretty much standardized on ID3v2.3.

You may follow this simple guid eto convert FLAC/APE to MP3 at

This guide helps to convert among various audio formats inlcuding FLAC, APE, WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3, DTS, MKA, MP2, Opus, 3GP, CAF, RA, AU, QCP, etc.