Transcoding audio automatically to clip zip on Mac OSX

I have an 8GB clip Zip with 16GB class 10 Cards. I am looking for an easy work flow to do the following.

  1. Select Audio files 

  2. Encode files to 128k 

  3. Move the to the clip

  4. Delete files

I use Max now to encode the files in a folder. What i want to do is make this automatic.

Firstly, Class 10 cards are not only a waste of money, but they sometimes cause compatibly problems. I do not recommend them; Class 4 is plenty fast enough.

Secondly, what is the format and bit-rate of the files now? You do know that transcoding is going to reduce the sound qualtiy considerably, especially going down to 128kbps, right?

Thirdly, there is no way to make this entire procedure automatic. It will require intervention and participation from you.

I want to make the files 128k, think like autofill on the ipod shuffle. The class 10 card was from a retired android phone. 

I have started to build a script to one do the following

  1. Select a group of files.

  2. use lame  to compress the songs

  3. ask for a destination (ie internal clip ot sd card)

So I think this can be automated Im only using automator and a few shell commands.

right now im having trouble with the lame settings, it does not rename the files correctly. I am trying to master the afconvert command that is built into osx’s command line. 

The script sort of works, its not quite ready.