Tragedy has occurred on the Ranch! Send in the reinforcements

Hi!  The most horrendous thing imaginable has happened. I have dropped my SANSA 2 CLIP, and it will not work!  It actually will not turn on at all.  I know, it is totally devastating, it is only a matter time until this hits the press.

Being a ranch girl and all, I am not very high tech, so have tried the following after reading some posts on this site, but all with no success.

Resetting, holding the on switch for 15 or more seconds.

Leaving the device plugged into my computer for a few hours.

Plugging the device in while it is turned off (I think, the screen is black so who knows for sure), than turning the hold button on.

This has truly turned my whole little world upside down.  I need my player.  It is my companion while I go about my chores, while I gussy myself up for a day in town, or even just do some relaxin. 

Kind Mr… Techperson, if you could help me, I would be most obliged. 

In other words, I would be extremely thankful, and very happy.


Sorry to say, but, it is possible that the drop disconnected a wire or piece or 2 inside.   :frowning:

8gb Clips are on sale at U.S. Wal-Mart stores for $49 … 

Miikerman is probably right your best bet is probably to get a new one. By the way, I love the subject line.

I really appreciated your helpful replies, although they weren’t the ones I wanted.   I was hopiing there would be a simple and free solution. 

I don’t suppose it would be covered by warranty considering I dropped it.

If not, any possible way to take it apart myself and check it to see, possible fix?

How are you with a soldering gun? It may indeed be fixable but you will probably need to do some soldering.

Being as the only other option is likely to buy another one, and you have to remember,  I am from a cattle ranch, I have access to numerous tools, I might not know how to operate them, but someone here  might…

How do I take it apart, is there a site about taking apart?  Rewiring? 

This is the best I can see. Its how to break it down. I would suggest you call SanDisk Tech support first and see if they have any tricks for you that we may not know. If not break it down and see if anything is loose, if it is and someone there can solder, then solder it in place. I have not seen a wiring diagram anywhere.

Sansa Clip Teardown

I think there have been some posts here with pics as to lose battery wires, talking about getting to them and showing them in some detail.  You may want to use the search box upper left.  Good luck!  (And I think this shows a good reason, perhaps, for a nice silicone or other case for the Clip.)

If there is no physical damage showing on the player (cracks), contact support and tell them it will not power on. They don’t have to know it was dropped. All they need to know is that it quit working for no reason. They will probably RMA it for you.