Track order should superceed title tag alphabetical sorting

On my e280 it seems the tracks on an album are played in alphabetical order according to the title ID3 tag.  This is fine, but where the Track Number ID3 tags are set, the Track Numbers should superceed the song title field.  It’s very annoying to me when my audio books don’t play in the correct chapter order even though I have the track tags set.

In a similar vein, if I select to play all the albums by a particular artist I’d like the albums to be played in alphabetical order according to the album title.  For example, the order of play should be album #1, track #1 followed by album #1, track #2 rather than simply treating all the albums as one big album and playing the tracks alphabetically according to song title tag.  Again, this primarily relates to audio books, but even when listening to music I’d like to hear the albums one at a time.