Track/Album on m260 won't play

I ripped a mixed CD using iTunes and then copied the album to my m260 in MTP mode.  I copied it to the same folder as other mixed CDs from this particular DJ.  It was ripped as 160kbps MP3s.  The album shows up on the player and when I select the album and click “Play All”, it doesn’t play and the pause image appears on the screen next to the track name.  I try to unpause it and it won’t.  If I try to select the first track of the album, it still won’t play and then every track name in the album changes to the first track name.  I am running the latest firmware version 2.2.5A.  Even after I copy the album I still have 1.3gb of space free on the m260 so it’s not a space issue.  Does anyone have any ideas why it won’t play?  Thanks in advance.