Tough to be a Clip

Just a small story of a Clip…

This morning I was on my usual bike exercise on small roads, listening to an audiobook to pass the time (not recommended in places with other people or cars). Sherlock Holmes was just describing his theory to Dr. Watson regarding the murderer in the Baskerville case. Somehow the headphone wire got tangled to my sleeve while riding a small uphill standing and the Clip got detached from the back of the jacket. It swung forwards, hanging only on the headphones. It approached the front wheel. I cursed, braced for the earbuds to be ripped out violently, and started braking. For some reason the ripping sensation did not appear and I managed to stop the bike in the side of the road. My eyes followed the cable towards the player end. Hmm… Only the plug hanging there. Ok. Assuming the Clip had hit the wheel and was ejected to a distance I tried to scan the road surface hoping that there was at least some remainders. No, nothing there. Accepting the loss I turned towards the bike, just to check any possible damage to the spokes. Black rim, black spokes, and one black Clip nicely hanging from one of the spokes. I plugged the headphones back, and noted that Holmes was still telling about the suspect. Furthermore, there was not even a scratch on the surface of the Clip. Quite tough (and lucky) little one.

Just wondering, how tough situation other Clips have survived? 

Quite the lucky Clipper, Skipper! :smiley: