Touch Screen buttons not working after being locked/ turned off.

I recently used the warranty on the Sansa I purchased at Best Buy, and I’ve been trouble with the touchscreen buttons working only after it has been turned off, and then back on or being locked. It works after I plug it into my computer to charge it or put music on it. This isn’t a joke either, I figure its a problem with the firmware because hardware generally works or not.

Anybody else experiencing this type of problem?

That’s the first I’ve heard of this issue.  Usually, once powered down, the LOCK function is reset to OFF, meaning that has to be reenabled the next time you would like to lock.

I would try installing the latest firmware if you haven’t done so, either via the Sansa Updater or by installing manually.  Just follow the directions in the firmware thread.  PLEASE NOTE!  The LOCK function has been redirected to the power button, toggling on/off via a half-second press of the power button.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: