Tools drop-down menu not showing OPTIONS selection

I have just received 2 Sandisk Cruzer CZ36 16GB USB drives and have installed the secureaccess V3 software for Mac, downloaded from the Sandisk site.  The set up was successful for both,  but the OPTIONS selection under TOOLS is not showing on either USB.  I have created backups on the computer and they can be accessed and successfully restored;  however, I obviously cannot select where these backups should be stored or set up the number of backups to be kept before deletion.  Is this a problem with the Mac version of the software?  Where are the backup files stored on the Mac so that I can manually delete them, if the Mac version does not have the OPTIONS option.  The file paths given on the setup information on the website appear to be for Windows version.  I have searched both the Mac and Windows XP partitions of my computer, but cannot find files that would appear to be these backups.