Too much time on the governments hands....

So I have really no words to describe this… so thoughts… ?

At work we are often reminded that email is not private.

I guess that applies to online games also.

at least i can still play starcraft in peace

For now… dun dun duhhh

Well, is my e280 TEMPEST ( NATO SDIP-27 Level C (formerly AMSG 784) and USA NSTISSAM Level III
“Laboratory Test Standard for Tactical Mobile Equipment/Systems”) rated?

I mean, keeping the RED (classified) data separated from my Sansa e280 is easier than with the Clip, since the cable is longer.  The Clip addresses this issue with its built in ferrule on the cable, yet the separation rule (50cm) is most clearly violated by the stubby cable.

I just have to remember NOT to load my classified documents as audio books, otherwise the Sansa has to be stored in a secure locker, and I can’t listen to music.

But I do take my Sansas with me when flying in the black helicopter.  (Actually it isn’t really black.  Looking closely, it’s more of a “anthracite grey” semi gloss.)  The earbuds fit nicely under the helmet, but I have to use the open-ear ones to hear the built-in phones too.

Yes, security needs are expensive.  I think they’re concerned with the “chat” function in these games.  But terrorists are notoriously cheap, and who’s going to pay $20/month to chat?

Just a thought.  Any method that nabs a terrorist is fair game, and maybe even “good sport”!

Bob  :wink: