To the WebAdmins runin this joint...

Look, I work in network security, so I do understand teh need for STRONG p/w rules, but, SERIOUSLY, WTF on here is SO critical that your p/w rules match those used my my .gov day-job?!?!?!?


Well, it is good education for the youths logging on here to learn good p/w habits.

Okay, so you’ve piqued my curiosity.

I can decrypt the WT* acronym (reference: the DICTNAVAB, the Dictionary of Naval Abbreviations, of course)…

What is the p/w in reference to, other than the possible “power windows” meaning?

What kind of joint u b runnin wit dat?

Bob  :wink:

The pass requirements for here are no different than many other places. Many forums i’m on require one capitol letter and one number in the pass. If its such a big deal, you can always tell it to remember you…

Ah, thanks Apix.  “Password” was the word of the day.  I found the password assignment no different than any other.

Now, if the board offered a L33t translator, that might be nice.  D’OH!!  Now I’ve done it!  The leet bomb has been deployed!  Duck and cover!!

Bob  :dizzy_face: 

I’m OK with the p/w reqs…  I just find it odd for such strong p/w enforcement for a site that does not do commercial transations (heck, 1/2 of THEM don’t have such strong p/w policies), of have SSL.

it IS good practice, however.

As long as I never get *bonked8 on the noggin’ I’l be able to remember it, hopefully:smileyvery-happy: 

OK, new issue…

I have tried, about 5 times now, to get this site (via the automated “I-forgot-my-password” function, to send me my password reminder, and it has yet to do so.  5 times over the last 10 days.  Nothing, yet.

And, before you ask, YES, I have checked my SPAM folder.  Not there, either.  1st one who askes me how I’m able to be logged on, now, to post this gets the “I’M-A-TECH Support-Ne0b” award. (any who already KNOW how I am able to pull this off gets a pat on the back) 

did you check your tcp\PP settings to make sure that your tcp stack didnt dribble down your leg and corrupt you rear MSC port?